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Academics, Service, and God's Word

Advanced Learning Center

Advance Learning Center ReDesign 2017

Bio/Chem Lab
Tech Cafe-Before
Tech Cafe
Art Studio-Before
Art Studio
Classroom-Mid renovation

Welcome to our Advanced Learning Center. This campus addresses the needs of students in grades 3-8. New and innovative learning spaces such as a Tech Cafe, an Art Studio, a Fitness Station, and a Bio/Chem Lab are filled with bold colors, flexible seating, and modern furnishings. Classrooms are painted in colors that research shows as calming and inspiring creativity for this age group. It is a fun work-friendly environment. 

Staff and students use innovative technology as a basis for individualized personalized learning, research skill-building, productivity, and collaborative learning. 

God's Word runs throughout the curriculum and program. The Bible is a premise for our discipline plan, our lessons, our projects, and our service learning. 

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