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Academics, Service, and God's Word

Student Dress Code

School Uniform & Dress Code

Student attire shall be clean, neat, and appropriate for wear in Danville Lutheran’s Christian learning environment. Danville Lutheran School adopted a school uniform policy for students in kindergarten through the eighth grade. The specific clothing guidelines are listed below.

Tops: The guidelines for these items are as follows:

Tops for boys and girls should cover the shoulders and midriff, without slits on the sides, and with all hems sewn.
The following types of tops required and may be any solid color (no plaid or multi-colored):
Turtlenecks, Polos, Oxfords, Sweaters (including Fleece).
Sweaters - Cardigan and pull over sweaters are allowed with a shirt underneath.
No hoodies or sweatshirts.
Shirts that are long enough should be tucked in.

Pants: The guideline for pants is below, and may be khaki, navy, or black in color:

Casual dress pants or capris
No cargo pants, nothing of denim material, no leggings, no stretch pant, no yoga pants or “skinny” type pant.
Belts are required for all styles of items with belt loops for students in grades 3-8.

Skirts and Dresses – Skirts may be worn as long as they are khaki, navy, gray, or black in color. Girls in preschool through the second grade must wear a pair of shorts under their skirt. Skirts worn by girls in grades K-8 must be of sufficient length to touch the top of the knee. Girls may wear uniform style dresses, and must be knee length.

Shorts – Shorts should be khaki, navy, or black in color. Students may wear shorts during the first and fourth quarters of the school year. No bike shorts, jazz shorts, spandex shorts, cargo short, or athletic type short are to be worn at school. For students in grades K-8, shorts must be of sufficient length so that they touch the top of the knee.

Shoes – The guidelines for shoes or other footwear are as follows:

Tennis shoes MUST be worn at recess and physical education class.
Tennis shoes or any style dress shoe should be worn.
Snow boots are allowed as long as other shoes are available once at school.
No high heel shoes, platforms, sandals, flip-flops, shoes with rollers, or shoes of wood or wooden construction.


Socks – Socks of any color may be worn.

Hair – No hair color other than natural hair color is allowed. Hair should be clean and appropriately styled so that it does not hang in the eyes or call undue attention to the student (i.e. stripes, razor cuts, tails, Mohawks, or shaved portions are not permitted).

Earrings – Additional guidelines:

Only one pair of earrings.
No earrings that are unsafe or distracting (ex: dangling).
No gauging.

Miscellaneous Items – The following items are not to be worn at school:

Visible tattoos (permanent or temporary).
Any clothing, other apparel, or jewelry that reflects unchristian or anti-social values.
No body piercing of any kind except for the ears and no dermals.
Torn or ripped clothing of any kind.
Any musical shoes and/or clothing apparel.

Teacher and principal discretion will be the final authority concerning dress code guidelines. Parents will be notified by phone or written correspondence if their child’s attire is not acceptable. Students in violation of the dress code will be disciplined following the school’s discipline plan. Danville Lutheran School is asking your support in dressing children appropriately for our Christian learning environment. This dress code applies to all school days.